Bioavailability in the plant-soil system (rhizosphere)


Bioavailability represents a major control of the fate of trace elements in soil - plant systems. Bioavailability is determined by numerous soil, plant and microbial factors, with important modification occurring in the rhizosphere. Plant and microbial processes can result either in increased or decreased bioavailability of trace elements. The complexity of the manifold interwoven biogeochemical processes occurring in the rhizosphere requires both experimental and modelling approaches to obtain a fundamental and quantitative understanding of the fate of trace elements in this microenvironment.

The symposium aims at highlighting the latest advances in this fast growing area of biogeochemical research, covering plant, soil, and microbial processes as well as novel experimental and modelling techniques for their investigation from the molecular to the field scale.

The symposium will address all aspects of trace element bioavailability modifications by plant-microbial interactions of plants using different strategies of metal uptake (hyperaccumulation, exclusion).

It will facilitate discussions of recent progress, gaps in knowledge and further research required to improve our understanding of trace element bioavailability in the rhizosphere.

Specific topics may include: Experimental methods, modelling, case studies on trace element bioavailability in the rhizosphere, implications for environmental quality

Committee (Symposium Organizers)

Walter Wenzel


Walter W. Wenzel
University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna Department of Forest and Soil Sciences Head, Rhizosphere Ecology and Biogeochemistry Group Peter Jordan Strasse 82 A-1190 Vienna, Austria
Phone: ++43-1-47654-3125
Fax: ++43-1-47654-3140

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