Guidelines for ICOBTE Special Symposia

  1. The maximum number of time slots (20 minutes per slot) will be 12 for a full one-day symposium
  2. The minimum number of presenters per symposium will be 10, which allows two 30 minutes presentation for the lead speakers, with one lead speaker for the morning session and one in the afternoon session.
  3. Symposium organizers must supply the Symposia Coordinator with extended abstracts (maximum 2 pages) by January 15, 2009.
  4. The Organizers of each Special Symposium would be responsible for making sure that all abstracts conform to the ICOBTE Abstract formatting guidelines.
  5. The Organizers of each Special Symposium will be responsible for the review of the invited contributions (extended abstracts). At least two reviewers for each abstract are required.
  6. Symposium organizers are encouraged to contact members of the International Committee for assistance in the review process. Symposia Coordinators shall also provide names of potential reviewers of symposia abstracts.
  7. All abstracts should be submitted electronically to the symposium coordinator (no retyping arrangement is available) in order to be included in the Conference Proceeding(s).
  8. Symposia Coordinators will be responsible for final acceptance of all symposia abstracts.
  9. Symposia Coordinators will also be responsible for processing of all approved abstracts in the final editing proof and will provide camera-ready format to the ICOBTE chair.
  10. All speakers must be registered participants.
  11. All arrangements of financial assistance will be made between the symposium organizer and the speaker (ICOBTE Organizing Committee will not be financially responsible for such arrangements).
  12. The Organizer of each Special Symposium is responsible for complying with the above timelines (item 3).

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